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candysoda's Journal

12 January 1990
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This is the personal icon journal of mipsy_chan. I don't only post icons here, somethimes I post fanfiction too. The journal is public so no one is obligated to friend me in order to see the entries. However, if you wanna friend you're more than welcome.
Here you will find icons (because I randomly write fanfiction) about my favorites tv shows, movies,actress, actor & more.

Hope you enjoy!


1.- COMMENT IF YOU TAKE. If you take any icon, comment on the post to let me know.
2.- CREDIT. If you use one of my icons on your LJ, credit to candysoda or mipsy_chan .
3. DO NOT HOTLINK. Do not hotlink anything that is posted in this LJ. Save it, and upload it to your own server.
4. DO NOT ALTER. Please don't alter any of my icons without my permission. If you want to re-colour the images or change the icons in any way, please ask me first.
5. FRIEND ME. Feel free to friend me, it's always nice to have new friends =)

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