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13 April 2009 @ 12:38 am
Better Luck Next Time Hood - Lollie Picspam  

Warnings: Spoilers from the episode, Images heavy, a big introduction ramble

One day last year, when I was still in México, I arrive from school to find the TV alone (normally this don't happen because the only TV with satelite is on my parents room and I go to school on the afternoon so usually when I come back my parents are watching it). So I quickly turn it on and change to my favorite channel: Warner Channel and I came with Smallville, and I don't watch Smallville only if there is nothing else to see, and this was one of those nights. The reason I don't watch Smallville is because I like to see the shows since the begin if I start watching a show and is in the half of the season I get sometimes frustrate when they talk about things in the past and I have try to watch Smallville first season but it really sucks because is when Clark still have to figure out his powers and is all the same a high school kid get infected by something creepy and clark save the day, then he meet Lex and he is in love with Lana, blahh, I really want to know where all like the drama start with Lex and Lionel and all those stuff I heard about it.

Ok, so going back to my original story, there was nothing else to watch so I start watching the party and then this amazing scene happen! I was soo angry after I watch it, because it's clearly that Louis wants the kiss but Oliver ruins everything by saying "Here is the part where I kiss you" arghh!! If he haven't say anything they would have kiss, so guys never, NEVER, ask a girl if you can kiss her because then you ruin the moment!!! So since this episode, I ship Louis and Oliver known also as Lollie, and another thing, Smallville should be Clark/Lana, Louis/Oliver and everyone would be happy... or maybe I should see more Smallville. Anyway hope you like it.

I cry when I saw this

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Kitorin: Jenjar YMCAkitoky on April 13th, 2009 05:29 pm (UTC)
Cute scene! I remember that vaguely---feels so long ago.

Btw, it's "Lois" and not Louis. ;D