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01 February 2009 @ 10:59 pm
I will never let you alone  
Title:  I will never let you alone
Author:  [info]mipsy_chan
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Karen Darlin/ Nick
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Summary: Karen's debutant ball and Nick is missing, meaning he broke his promise.
Autor Notes; I start writting this on August 5, and now finally I have finish it, but I don't really know if the end is what I want it to be in my original idea. Problem with not finishing what you start until months later. Hope you like! Comments are love <3

Karen was in her room, she was having her hair, make-up and nails done, three different ladies all over her, and her mother directing them. Karen was sick of all of this, she didn't want this stupid party, her party, her mother have been telling her while she plan all the party without any consideration about what she wants or who she wanted to invited, so months before the party  Karen have stop considering it her party and started considering more like a ball .

As her mother told more instructions to the woman who was doing Karen's hair, Karen felt more lonely, she was there in a room with 4 people but  no one of them was paying attencion at what Karen wants, she feel pretty lonely. She need Nick to be there holding her hand and assuring her that everything will be alright, that  all she have to do was breathing. She need him to be there to promise her, for the thosand time, that he would not let her dance with anyone but him. But Nick wasn't there, he was on Italy with his father making some work for her dad, he have broken his promise and now, Karen felt like she was going to be auctionate to her future husband.

-Beatiful!- the shout of her mother make her came to reality.

Karen look in the mirror and was very disappointed in what she look, she didn't recognize that girl with way to much make-up on her face and a big fake smile, "Who i am trying to fool?"  she thought  sadly "Oh yes, my parents" she remember. .Her mother start talking and left the room with the ladies.Two tears appeard on Karen's eyes  -Don't cry- she said to herself. -you're going to ruin your make up, beside, you love partys! remember?- with a lot of work  she put a smile on her face, but when she look in the mirror it look fake, so she smile until her smile look a little less fake and a little more real.

Karen stand up from the chair, and look at the horrible dress that she was suppose to wear, it was white and puffy and it look more like a bride's dress than a debutant dress. -Please god! bring him to me!- she shout to the ceiling, with her arms open just in case Nick fall from the sky ,but of course he didn't fall "stupid fariy tales" she tougth angrily as she sat on her bed. 

-Karen, are you ready?- her mother knock on her door. Of course she wansn't ready, she wouldn't were that ugly dress, but instead she answer, -yes mom, i would be out in a minute!-. she didn't want to argue more with her mother, she dind't want it because after the confrontacion there would be no one cleaning her tears or trying to put her together, she would be alone. Karen start dressing as she make herself a promise, she would at least try to enjoy the night and no more thinking about Nick was aloud.

She open the door and all her family were there, the little twins: Jeremy angry because he have to wear a tux, Juliet dancing around feeling like a princes, Patrick in the middle of mom and dad with his hair all done, her mother looking at her with a delighfull look, her father with a big, proud smile, and Bryan was there apart from everyone with a boring look on his face. They took turns to hug her and to tell her how beatiful she look. And when they were all over, she look for him, but he was't there, -"rember no more thinking on him" she scold herself.

All the family went down, except her father, Trip. He was still smiling, Karen clearly knew her father was drunk by now, he hate all this society events and partys, and the only way he could survive was by having some glasses of wine, maybe vodka or even tequila, and why not the 3 of them? 

"Come" Tripp say to Karen, as he start walking to his office.
" I'm about to be present" she answer with a boring voice.
"Don't worry, this will not takes us long, I promise" he was still smiling.

Karen follow him to his office, and close the door behind her. Tripp was pouring some wine in 2 glasses that were on his desk.
"Cheers!" he said and drank all the wine in his glass.
Karen  sat on the couch and copy her dad, she didn't want to ask why he was doing this, she didn't care, the only thing she wanted it was for the night to be over. 

Tripp came to the couch and hug Karen's head and kiss her on top of her head. 
"Little Karen of mine, normaly I will have done a speech, but I didn't really know what to tell you"
"Don't worry Dad" Karen stand up.
"All I can say is that this day in a father’s life, grief and joy are intertwined..."
"Dad save this for my wedding" she pleas, just in time to hear the voice of her mother. "I think it would better, if we go out" she finish, opening the door as Tripp went out first.

The voice of her mother was heard, a few thanking words, and then the introduction: Miss Karen Darling!. The claps were hear over the stairs, and she and her father start walking down, everybody looking at her with ridiculous chessy music of baground, Karen was nervous, she didn't want to trip and fall, so she grab herself well in her dad's arms. 

As soon as they reach the last steps, the claping was over and the photographer run to take pictures of the daddy and daughter and then the hole family reunite. When that was finish the ball began, Karen dance all the songs with differents guys. Everyone the same old story: rich kids, with ambition, that want to start a family soon.  Every once in a while, Kare went for some drinks and by the end of the night she was pretty tipsy. So now, she dance and smile and laugh everytime a new guy came pretending to enjoy her party.

Karen, didn't know when her party was over or when everyone started going, she only remember being sitting in the stairs with Pat, she asume they were talking, about what, it didn't really matter because anyway she wasn't paying attencion. Pat and Trish wish good night to her son and daughter and went to sleep, while they continue "talking".

She don't remember the exact words, but she thought that Pat said: "Here is my birthday present, sorry I've been a dick with this, I love you" he stand up, kiss her in the cheek and stair walking up. Karen heart jump when she heard this words and look up to the door, just to see Nick with a bucket of red roses. She stand up so quickly that her head start spinning, but it didn't matter he was there!

Nick smile, when he saw her almost fallign trying to get up quickly. Finally after 15 long days, they arms meet again, and as they hug, Nick could hear Karen crying.
"Honey, I'm so sorry, I will never forgive me about this" he said in whisper to her ear.
She didn't respond.
"You should hate me, I know I hate myself, I broke the promise and deeply sorry"

Karen look to Nick's eyes,  and smile when Nick wipe her tears away. Finally she spoke: "I don't hate you, I could never hate you" and then she kiss him. They went apart again and Karen spoke: "But please, I beg you, never let me alone, it was to hard" and she start crying again as Nick hold her tight whispering to her ear: "I will never let you alone"


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